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Stay Connected During Covid-19

We're living through an unprecedented time, and the Immigrant Advocacy Workgroup (IAW), which works with ORTESOL, wanted to focus on resources that could be critical for our learners, who are yet again the most affected by upheaval.  Thank you to Briana Paris, ORTESOL and IAW member, for compiling this list of resources.

As a statewide organization, we serve teachers throughout the state, not just in the Portland metro area. 

  • What is happening in your part of the state? 
  • How have your communities been affected? 
  • What is it like to be an ESL teacher right now in your area? 

Reach out to us.  Please keep in touch.

Resources for Teachers

During this time, our personal connections with learners may help them feel supported, or at least seen.  In addition, if you are able to keep providing your learners with resources and good information, they may benefit in more tangible ways, including: 
  • understanding how to file and quickly receive COVID-19 relief funds
  • finding good information in their own language
  • how to help their family and community members
If you have additional resources (this situation is changing every day), please contact ORTESOL member Eric Dodson at dodsoner@gmail.com, as the contact for the Immigration Advocacy Group.

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