Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Guidelines for the Special Interest Group: Advocacy Chair (1 position)

Duties & Time commitment: Approximately 90-100 hours of commitment per year for 2 years excluding the quarterly board meeting time

The Advocacy SIG Chair is responsible for overseeing all activities related to advocating for ORTESOL members to improve working conditions and employment standards with the ultimate purpose of ensuring that all English language learners are provided optimal learning experiences throughout the state.

Convene the ORTESOL Advocacy Committee and ensure all members are clear about the goals of the committee.

Coordinate the following:

  • Research TESOL International and various TESOL affiliates’ advocacy activities for English language professionals.
  • Research current data that may be specific and relevant to Oregon English Language professionals’ working conditions and employment standards.
  • Develop and maintain communication with ORTESOL members related to advocacy issues and activities.
  • Create and implement an action plan* to address advocating for ORTESOL English language professional members.
  • Network with and develop a database of contacts and relevant partners.
  • Report progress to ORTESOL Board and general membership.
  • Develop a system of evaluation to determine effectiveness of advocacy work.
  • Write and disseminate position papers related to advocacy.
  • Continually improve effectiveness of advocacy work and communication with stakeholders (committee members, partners, etc.)
  • Maintain accurate records.

Action plan activities may include: writing and disseminating position papers related to advocacy, educating our members of Congress about the effects of a policy on our constituency, inviting a member of Congress to visit ORTESOL so that he/she may see firsthand how federal funding or a policy affects day-to-day operations and the difference it makes.

Action plan activities may not include: asking our members of Congress to vote for or against, or amend, introduce legislation, emailing a “call to action” to ORTESOL members urging them to contact their member of Congress in support of action on introduced legislation or pending regulations, or preparing materials or organizing events in support of lobbying activities.


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