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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


The ORTESOL Journal Volume 030, 2013


What I Learned from Being a Language Student Again 
Jan Underwood, Portland Community College

Student Use of Concordancers for Grammar Error Correction 
Jaci Mull, Research Institute of English Language Education
Susan Conrad, Portland State University

Beyond One-size-fits-all ELD Frameworks 
Kathryn Ciechanowski, Oregon State University

L1 Literacy and ESL Reading Instruction 
Catherine Johnston, Clark College

Pronunciation Problems of Chinese Learners of English 
Feifei Han, University of Sydney

Teaching Notes

Responding to Writing
Melinda Sayavedra, TIUA, Willamette University

Defining Unknown Words From Listening
Beth Sheppard, University of Oregon

Screencasts: Zero-budget Lessons for Everyone
Brendan DeCoster


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