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Guidelines for the Special Interest Group: Adult Ed SIG Chair (1 position) 

Duties & Time commitment: Approximately 70-90 hours of commitment per year for 2 years  excluding the quarterly board meeting time 

  • Actively solicit papers and presentations from SIG members for the  conference and/or workshops. 

  • Serve on the Election Committee (checking references, making  recommendations to committee).  

  • Serve on the Reading Committee for Conference/Workshop planning. 

  • Serve on the Grant Committee. 

  • Serve on the Advocacy Committee.

  • Collaborate with the publications chair to help write or solicit interviews,  articles, and pictures that highlight the SIG. 

  • Maintain an up-to-date contact list of Adult Ed English programs around the  state. 

  • Communicate information to SIG group members. 

  • Moderate online discussion forums for SIGs as needed. 

  • Elicit needs and interests from SIG group members. 

  • Forward job announcements to the Tech Team.  

  • Organize ESOL Awareness Week activities as determined by the board. 

  • Plan and offer professional or educational activities as requested by SIG members. 

  • Report to the ORTESOL Board about SIG activities and outreach efforts at board  meetings. 

  • The outgoing SIG Chair member will make sure that a report of procedures  taken to address each duty is passed on, as well as all documents associated  with the position. 

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