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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Guidelines for the ORTESOL Secretary (1 position)

Overall Objective: Maintain and distribute records of ORTESOL Board meetings Election:  The Secretary will be elected by ORTESOL members for a 2-year term. 

Duties & Time commitment: Approximately 50 hours of commitment per year for 2 years excluding the quarterly board meeting time 

  • Be a member of the Executive Committee.  
  • Take minutes at Board meetings.  
  • Send a draft of the meeting minutes to the ORTESOL Board within one week after  each board meeting. 
  • Upload minutes to Google drive within a week of the meeting for review prior to the  next board meeting.  
  • Upload all the approved meeting minutes to the ORTESOL Board Google drive. 
  • Take minutes at Executive Board meetings. Upload the approved minutes to the ORTESOL Board Google drive. 
  • Send approved minutes to the Tech Team to be posted on the website.  
  • Keep copies of correspondence both to and from the organization resulting from official action of the Board. For confidential/sensitive correspondence, put into  DropBox; for others, upload into Google Drive.  
  • Collect the names and email addresses of new Board members and send them to the Tech Team.  
  • Contribute the Conference and Workshop Planning Process (Refer to the  ORTESOL Committee Guidelines) 
  • As outgoing Secretary, ensure copies of accepted minutes from the last two years  are archived on Google drive. 
  • Serve on the Grant Committee.  
  • Serve on the Finance committee.  As a member of this committee, consent to a background check.
  • The outgoing Secretary will deliver a report of procedures taken to address each  duty, as well as all documents associated with position.


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