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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


The ORTESOL Journal Volume 34, 2017


Perceptions of University Instructors when Listening to International Student Speech
Beth Sheppard, Nancy Elliott, & Melissa Baese-Berk, University of Oregon

Swearing: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Eileen Finn, Concordia University

Out-of-School English Language Use by Newcomer ELLs from Korea
Catherine E. Kim, Pacific University

Research Note

E-Pal Exchanges: A Way to Connect Preservice Teachers and ELLs
Anne Patton, Eliana Hirano, & Anna Rose Garrett, Berry College 

Special Extended Teaching Note

Whole Movies and Clips to Promote Focused Listening
Laura Holland & Ted Adamson, American English Institute, University of Oregon 

Teaching Notes

The Benefits of Omitting Rubrics for Oral Interpersonal Communication Assessment
Kathryn Joy Carpenter, Universidad de la Sierra Sur 

My Cultural Backpack Activity: A Reflective Teaching Note
Carmen Cáceda, Western Oregon University; Myriam Jimena Guerra and Hsiaoping Wu, Texas A&M University, San Antonio

Book Reviews

Pronunciation in the Classroom: The Overlooked Essential
Reviewed by Sally Hood, University of Portland 

How to Analyse Texts: A Toolkit for Students of English
Reviewed by Joshua Schulze, Western Oregon University

Pedagogy & Practice for Online English Language Teacher Education
Reviewed by Tim Krause, Portland Community College

Social Justice in English Language Teaching
Reviewed by Pamela Pearson, Linfield College


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