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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

ORTESOL's Adult Education Special Interest Group offers relevant and current information and resources for community colleges, workforce development organizations, private agencies, and similar settings. See also Advocacy.


Adult Education & Family Literacy Week featured at TESOL International with information, advocacy and resources, such as:

Recent Training from ProLiteracy's Teacher Training Plus FREELY available on video:

Low-Level English Language Learning (ELL)

As a new tutor or teacher, getting started with a low-level English language learner can seem overwhelming. You may worry about the first few weeks of lessons when the students speak almost no English. In this webinar, learn what your very first lesson should look like and how to build from there to make your first month of lessons a success for you and your student(s). [Also available later on video.]

Where Do I Start? Planning the First Month of Lessons with a Low-Level ELL Student  

Presenter: Steven Reid, Program Mngr. for Literacy Volunteers of NC 

From the TESOL International 2023 Virtual Conference, Ana Kryzhanivska fully shares her presentation "Student agency in learning: Differentiated teacher education in linguistics classes." Ms. Kryzhanivska is T/ESOL Program Director & Associate Teaching Professor at Bowling Green State University, where she may be contacted at View the presentation and sample syllabus in the following downloads.

Presentation Slides:

  Student agency in learning: Differentiated teacher education in linguistics classes.pptx 

Accompanying Course Syllabus:

  Student Agency in Learning Differentiated Teacher Education in Linguistics Classes.pdf

If you did not attend the TESOL International Conference 2023 in Portland, listen to this summary with comments by a few attendees. 

"No Students were Harmed in the Making of This Teacher." As introduced at TESOL International Convention 2023, check out this new method for ESOL teacher training, "funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) entitled Project MELTS (Micro-credentialing of English Learner Teaching Skills)," at University of Central Florida.

TeachLivE Mixed Reality Classroom 

Recommended Resources

(Back to) Basics:

The dream: Learning to be bilingual By JinHui Liu. AFT. May 1, 2023.

  1. The Center for the Success of English Learners' "research is supported by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, through Grant R305C200016 to the University of Houston." (October 21, 2022).                
  2. Read/Subscribe for FREE to TESOL English Language Bulletin: Connections “. . .  newsletter that features practical articles and useful resources for English language teachers as well as TESOL International Association news. TC articles reflect the association’s interest in the profession as a global endeavor and its support for linguistic and cultural diversity.”  And, PUBLICALLY FREE to all --tesol Weekly Update MultiBriefs  Articles from past and present include, for example, Using station rotation in PD for supporting English language learners (May 31st)Schoolwide professional development requires careful planning to ensure that participants are both engaged and inspired. Activities need to motivate educators to apply what they've learned to support their students.
  3. ProLiteracydeveloped from Dr. Frank Laubach's pioneering methods in Adult Education, offers materials and professional development webinars free on YouTube and live.                                                                                                              
  4. State of Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) provides the latest in Oregon's educational policy and the state's community college/university system. Sign up for HECC newsletter and download OREGON ADULT ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY STANDARDS (OAELPS) Handbook July 14, 2022 (most recent). 

Currently Highlighted

Preparatory reflection for ANY educator: Luisa Acevedo - High School Back-to-School Teacher Toolkit, presented at the World Language Teacher [virtual] Summit, July 17 21, 2023. 

Concepts as Online Resources for Accelerated Learning. GWENNA MOSS CENTRE FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING. The University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Oct 5, 2017.

How to Increase Engagement in Online Synchronous Language Classrooms: Some Useful Tips by by Eylem Öztekin İblikci  (27 Dec 2021) at TESOL International might seem a little dated but it is worthwhile.

Working Online? “Teaching and Learning Online” was a blog series by then President, Andy Curtis. His instruction is now archived for free access, starting here starting here or at the topic of your choice.

§  Teaching and Learning Online: Part One   §  TLO 9: How to Teach Online: Get to Know Your Course Participants

§  TLO: Part Two: Putting the Pedagogy First  §  TLO 10: How to Teach Online: Establishing the Ground Rules

§  TLO: Part Three: Blurring the Lines in Virtual Classrooms  §  TLO 11: How to Teach Online: Establishing Ground Rules II

§  TLO: Part Four: A Pedagogical Paradox  §  TLO 12: How to Teach Online: Building Trust

§  TLO 5: The Self-ish-ness of Teaching and Learning Online  §  TLO 13: How to Teach Online: Assessing Online Learning

§  TLO 6: Online Language Teacher Education: Resource & Report   `  §  TLO 14: How to Teach Online: Assessing Online Learning II

§  The Explosive Growth of Teaching & Learning Online in TESOL   §  TLO 15: How to Teach Online: Review and Wrap-Up: Part 1

§  TLO 8: The Future Online in China, Africa, and India   §  TLO 16: How to Teach Online: Review and Wrap-Up: Part 2

Free Literacy Plan: A structure to support literacy development from FreeReading, which "provides a [wiki] library of activities and other curricular resources for literacy development. The resources presented on this site are intended to be used by educators, helping guide both instruction and intervention with students who are building their literacy skills. This site was originally developed with the support of an Advisory Board including leading educators and experts on literacy development, among other partners.


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