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Adult Education

With relevant resources and current continuing education, the ORTESOL Adult Education Special Interest Group serves facilitators in Adult ESOL programs across community colleges, workforce development organizations, private agencies, and similar settings. See also SIG Refugee Concerns.

Key Resources

  1. Keep up with the latest local developments in educational policy in Oregon and learn more about the state's community college and university system at the State of Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC).
  2. Sign up to get the HECC newsletter and receive a digest of all newsworthy stories impacting education, educational legislation, initiatives, and opportunities in Oregon.
  3. The Federal Department of Education’s “Literacy Information and Communication System” (LINCS) is an online platform for sharing resources and providing professional development opportunities for adult educators.

Current Information

  • "U.S. economy will increasingly rely more on immigrants" bCharlie Ban   Feb. 14, 2022   https://www.migrationpolicy.org/multimedia/millions-unfilled-us-jobs-what-role-there-immigration. Added 4/23/22.
  • "Title II of WIOA, also known as the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act . . . provides federal funds to local providers and supports leadership and training in order to assure quality basic skills services for adults across Oregon, including English language instruction for adults." https://www.oregon.gov/highered/institutions-programs/ccwd/Pages/adult-basic-skills.aspx. Added 4/5/2022.

Resources Requested at ORTESOL 2022 Virtual Spring Workshop

Civics Lessons for Adults  https://eslbrains.com/lesson_category/global-issues/

Lower level adult reading https://sites.google.com/a/plaea.org/plaea-at/reading/text-to-speech

Listen and Read  https://esl-bits.net/

ESL/EFL Teaching/Learning Resources: Reading  http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/Links/esl_reading.htm

Especially to Tutors and Volunteers

by Linda Rasmussen, Adult Ed SIG Chairperson

Like ORTESOL, the American Federation of Teachers, provides information and training for Members, both non- and professional educators. For example, the Volunteer Tutor Training of Portland Literacy Council is reinforced by webinar speaker Adam Strom of the organization Re-imaging Migration. Although focused on grade-school stud Strom presents what is also relevant for Adult Education Many more videos are available from AFT's “Share My Lesson Virtual Conference,” through free, public registration.

In “What Every Teacher Should Know . . . ,” Mr. Strom includes simple graphics, showing why he emphasizethat we “have their [e.g. our students’] backs.” Viewers clearly see the Hierarchy of Needs on one slide and, on another, Strom’s immigrant’s “Unrecognized Strengths and Values.” All training and education in ESOL teaches to build relationships that reassure and invite learning. As direct social-emotional learning (SEL) increases for children, we concentrate on positive interactions in Adult Ed. Mr. Strom lists “five things we can do:”

1. Understand perspectives.

2. Inquire about human migration with care and nuance.

3. Communicate and build relationships across differences.

4. Recognize power and inequities in the human experience and migration.

5. Take action to foster inclusive and sustainable societies.

Adults deserve high expectations and deep learning experiences, just as Mr. Strom reminds us that school children do. For example, students are interested in topics of current world issues and events.

Consider these resources resources on Re-imaging Immigration’s website and their YouTube Channel

AFT’s Share My Lesson videos for Adult Ed. ESOL include:

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