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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Guidelines for the ORTESOL Treasurer (1 position) 

Overall Objective: Oversee collection and distribution of ORTESOL funds 

Election: The Treasurer will be elected by ORTESOL members for a 2-year term. 

Duties & Time commitment: Approximately 100 hours of commitment per year for 2 years excluding the quarterly board meeting time 

  1. Be a member of the Executive Committee. 

  2. Chair the Finance Committee, and coordinate Finance Committee meetings. As a member of this committee, consent to a background check.

  3. Participate in Board visioning/strategic planning processes. 

  4. Maintain the accuracy, timeliness, availability and intelligibility of financial reports; invite feedback about financial reports and encourage engagement with financial  processes. 

  5. Prepare and make public financial reports for quarterly board meetings (and other needs such as grant solicitations). Give the incoming President an advanced copy prior to the first Board meeting. 

  6. Hold spending authority and passwords to bank accounts. 

  7. Ensure that the President has access to accounts and records. 

  8. Assume responsibility for the timely, accurate payment and receipt of accounts, and their documentation. 

  9. Work with the Tech Chair to collect and analyze financial and member details. 

  10. Oversee Bookkeeping staff to ensure financial processes are realized. 

  11. Assume responsibility for timely preparation and creation of tax documents. 

  12. Maintain the status of ORTESOL as an Oregon non-profit corporation with annual renewals through the Oregon Secretary of State's office. 

  13. Send the annual affiliate fee to TESOL (coordinate this work with the President). 

  14. File Form CT-12 with the Charitable Activities Section of the Oregon Dept. of Justice  every year. 

  15. File a yearly report with the I.R.S. as required by law. 

  16. The outgoing Treasurer will deliver to the incoming Treasurer a report of procedures taken to address each duty, as well as all documents associated with the position.


Mailing Address: PO Box 12322, Portland, OR 97212


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