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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

2021 Virtual Fall Conference | October 23, 2021, 9am - 5pm

Conference Recap

Below you will find the names and titles of all of the sessions and posters from the conference.  Some have links to slides and/or link to the session recording.  We will update this page with more slides and recordings as them come in.

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Fall Conference opening remarks.

Welcome Message

Plenary with Randall Davis

Topic: Surviving and Thriving in the New Pandemic Era

With vulnerability and raw candor, Randall shares how the pandemic has changed his personal and professional life and provides six keys to experiencing innovation and growth into the future. Attendees are invited to contact Randall ( before and during the conference and share stories of struggle and success.

Randall Davis is the Academic Curriculum Coordinator in the English Language Institute at the University of Utah. He has traveled to different parts of the world to both share his background in educational technology and to learn about our world neighbors and cultures. His areas of interest and specialty include CALL, video technology and language teaching, teacher training, and learner autonomy. He has created Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab, Daily ESL, EZSlang, and Train Your Accent.

Download the presentation slides

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Presentation Session A

School-Wide English Learning (SWEL)

Katie Agee, Willamette ESD

Elementary Education, Secondary Education (K-12)

The School-Wide English Learning (SWEL) Model is a train-the trainer concept of scaling ESL teacher expertise to develop school-wide knowledge for serving English learners across all content area instruction.

The Power of Digital Storytelling

Deborah Healey, Deborah Healey & Associates

Adult Education (AE), Elementary Education (K-12), Secondary Education (K-12), Higher Education (HE), Refugee Concerns (RC)

Storytelling is important to all of us. In this session, teachers will reflect on the stories that are most meaningful to their students and themselves, and then explore steps and resources, including freely available media and other tools, to tell our stories in digital form.

Digital Story Telling Website

Presentation Slides

Presentation Handout

Teaching Social Justice Topics Online with ESL Library*

Tammy Wik and Lei Kayanuma, ESL Library

Adult Education (AE), Higher Education (HE)

ESL Library strives to empower teachers to address challenging issues in the classroom by providing them with thoughtfully designed materials. Learn how to use ESL Library’s digital lesson plans, flashcards, and resources focused on social justice issues to engage with students in a meaningful way.

Link to Presentation Video

* indicates commercial or exhibitor session

Digital Life Together- Relational Language Learning in the Digital Sphere

Kristyn Kidney, Multnomah University

Adult Education (AE)

Explore principles and practices for cultivating a relational pedagogy in virtual language teaching. Consider elements like support, digital citizenship, and meaningful learning in the digital landscape. Cultivate strategies and techniques to enhance social connectivity in the virtual language classroom.

Link to presentation

Introduction to Instructional Design for Online Courses

Kara Sappington, Corban University

Adult Education (AE), Higher Education (HE)

This workshop is an introductory level overview and discussion around instructional design principles for online course development. After highlighting some key principles in course design some previews of templates will be presented that can be practically applied. There will be opportunities for discussion on resources and instructional design tools used for online teaching.

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Lunch and Poster Session

The poster session links are below. 

How Do I Advocate for Emergent Bilinguals Who Are Having a Hard Time Learning To Read?

Annie Ittner, Western Oregon University

Elementary Education (K-12), Secondary Education (K-12)

What's different about teaching reading to students who are bilingual/multilingual? How can I advocate for their success? In this session, we attempt to answer those questions. To do so, we outline factors that influence reading development in additional languages and we focus on K-12 school-wide literacy frameworks.

Padlet Link

Engaging Resources to Teach Phonology

Josh Schultze, Western Oregon University

Elementary Education (K-12), Secondary Education (K-12), Higher Education (HE)

Are you interested in using engaging online resources to develop phonological awareness with your English learners? When students are aware of the system of sounds that compromise the English language, it can enhance meaning making and unlock word and vocabulary development. In this teaching tip, we demonstrate how to use several free online resources in hybrid, or face-to-face learning to increase phonological awareness in PreK- adult language learners. We will review some of the components of phonology and how it pertains to emergent bilingual students. Some of the tools and resources we share are: Reading Rockets, Teach Speech App, Learn English Kids, and many more!

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Using LAS Links to Progress Monitor your Language Learners*

Stephany Barber, Data Recognition Corporation

Elementary Education (K-12)

Covid has created many challenges throughout the country and with your English and Spanish learners this is no exception. Helping to monitor progression of growth for these students is of utmost importance in creating success in the growth of your learners. We are here to help you!

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* indicates commercial or exhibitor session

ESOL Online Resources for Students & Teachers

Lara Nardone, Portland State University

Monika Mulder, Portland State University

Adult Education (AE), Higher Education (HE)

This free online English learning and teaching resource contains a well-organized collection of accessible websites and materials. Broken down into skill categories, it can be easily navigated by ESOL students who wish to improve their English outside of the classroom. It also contains a section on resources for ESOL teachers.

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Resources for Afghan Families in Afghanistan, in Oregon, and Coming Soon

Eric Dodson (and the Immigrant Advocacy Workgroup), Portland Community College, SOAR Immigration Legal Services

Kathleen Holloway, Clackamas Community College

Patrik McDade, People-Places-Things

Beth Ronk, Immigrant Mutual Aid Coalition

Briana Paris

Refugee Concerns (RC)

As teachers of immigrants and refugees, many of us have been in touch with Afghan students lately, especially since the fall of the US-backed government in August 2021. In this session, we share (and invite others to share) resources and connections to help Afghan families, both abroad and coming to Oregon.

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Presentation Session B

Teach Abroad with the English Language Fellow Program*

Terrell Hawkins, English Language Programs

Secondary Education (K-12), Higher Education (HE)

Learn how you can enhance English language teaching capacity abroad through in-person teaching fellowships and virtual teaching projects designed by U.S. Embassies for experienced U.S. TESOL professionals. As an English Language Fellow, you can provide English language instruction, conduct teacher training, and develop resources. Join us to hear from program staff and alumni.

* indicates commercial or exhibitor session

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Get Better at Zoom

Daniel Yuhas, Torus

Adult Education (AE), Elementary Education (K-12), Secondary Education (K-12), Higher Education (HE), Refugee Concerns (RC)

Zoom is here to stay, so let’s get good at it! The facilitators will share how we use a few of our favorite Zoom tricks to teach, then we’ll pass the virtual mic and take turns practicing our skills. Join us to try something new.

Link to slides

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Finding balance: Hybridizing high impact practices for our new normal

Sean McClelland, Community College of Baltimore County
Danielle Aldawood, Community College of Baltimore County 

Adult Education (AE), Higher Education (HE)

Co-requisite learning, accelerated learning, and remote instruction are becoming increasingly popular, providing just-in-time support to students and reducing the time needed to complete courses. This presentation will examine innovative ESOL and composition courses that combine all three. Find out how to hybridize these high impact practices in your own classes.

Link to presentation

Presentation Session C

Selecting and Using Videos for Second Language Learning: Ten Considerations

Joshua Wedlock, Macquarie University and Christopher Binnie, Joongbu University

Adult Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education

Covering topics such as cognitive load, pedagogical purpose, clip duration, genre, caption quality, background interference, and language appropriacy, this presentation will disseminate the findings of a collaborative action research project carried out to thoroughly explore how to choose and use videos more effectively for second (additional) language learning.

Link to Presentation Video

Introduction to OER and the Oregon Open Learning Hub

Susan Payne, Oregon Department of Education

Adult Education (AE), Elementary Education (K-12), Secondary Education (K-12), Higher Education (HE)

As a #GoOpen state, Oregon’s investment in open educational resources signals our commitment to equity, empowerment, and efficacy. Participants will engage with the “why” and “what” of open education, learn to recognize open licensing, and get started with finding and curating resources on the Oregon Open Learning Hub.

Link to Presentation Video

Breaking the Isolation: Activities to Build Community in Remote Classes

Tim Krause, Portland Community College
Davida Jordan, Portland Community College
Jen Sacklin, Lane Community College

Adult Education (AE), Elementary Education (K-12), Secondary Education (K-12), Higher Education (HE)

In this session, attendees try out a variety of activities designed for Zoom that contribute to a positive and open learning community. Participants share experiences from a student’s perspective and, in the process, get to know colleagues better. Attendees leave the session with ideas for their own online, synchronous classrooms.

Link to Presentation Video

Zoom Games Handout

Activities - Handout

Award of Excellence in Teaching in the Changing Classroom

Award Presentation sponsored by DRC

Three wonderful teachers were recognized by their peers for their outstanding work over the past year. They each received an Award of Excellence in Teaching in Teaching through Collaboration and Team Building: Sue Moser, Sarah Bauer, and Sarah Shoemaker.

Sue Moser

Sue Moser began her career in education at the original PCC Southeast Center in 1999 as a volunteer ESL tutor. She feels grateful for the many opportunities her work presents to build connections with ESOL/ABE learners and educators from around the globe. A long-time resident of Portland, Sue’s interests include culture, world languages, and popular slang.

Sarah Bauer

Sarah Bauer has been in the field of TESOL for over 30 years, including 15 years at Portland Community College where she currently teaches. Her practice is informed by many years of teaching and learning languages abroad in Germany and Ecuador. Her years of experience include working in teacher education for 14 years in the MA TESOL at Concordia University, and serving as director for a large English language program in South America. Sarah holds a Master’s in Germanistik from Middlebury College. She feels very inspired by the professional communities of practice that have developed among teachers through the pandemic.

Sarah Shoemaker

Sarah Shoemaker has been an instructor of English at Pacific International Academy in Portland for over 15 years. Over time, she has developed an active and expressive teaching style. Her experience living and teaching in foreign countries has bolstered her ability to relate to her international students. She holds a BA in English from Carleton College, an MA in French from the University of Cincinnati, and a Magistère from the Sorbonne in Paris. When she is not teaching, she serves as French interpreter in hospitals and courts of law for French speakers living locally. Her understanding of the efforts necessary in learning a foreign language aids her constantly in the teaching of English.

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This Social Hour was sponsored by ESL Library.  You can download the instructions and recipe for Pomegranate Nutmeg Margaritas and Winter Squash Hummus. 

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