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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Guidelines for the ORTESOL President (1 position)

Overall Objective: To represent ORTESOL in a professional manner to the Board  members, membership, and the public. 

Election: The president will be elected by the ORTESOL Board for a 1-year term; Serve as  the Vice President 1 year before serving as the President 

Duties & Time commitment: Approximately 120+ hours of commitment for 1 year excluding  the quarterly board meeting time 

  1. Represent ORTESOL in public and as a primary point of contact  by external entities. 

  2. Be a member and the leader of the Executive Committee. 

  3. Be a member of the Election Committee. 

  4. Be a member of the Finance Committee. 

  5. Oversee the work of other committees. 

  6. Facilitate four Board meetings per year. 

  7. Make certain all Board members know about the Board meetings. Set agenda and  materials and email agenda to Board two (2) weeks before the meeting. 

  8. Make certain all Board members know how to access Board member job descriptions  and are aware of the responsibilities of all other Board members and committees. 

  9. Arrange lunch orders for all the board meetings  

  10. Make certain that Board members and committees are carrying out responsibilities  effectively and punctually. 

  11. Fill out and send the report to TESOL (annual affiliate survey) with the annual fee  (coordinate this work with Treasurer). 

  12. Report ORTESOL activities and initiatives in ORTESOL quarterly blog or websites.

  13. Keep track of roles and responsibilities of each board position and terms, and prepare  for an election of new board members. 

  14. Nominate candidates to fill empty positions for Members at Large on the Board in  between elections. 

  15. Write letters for appointments, resignations and dismissals, with copies for the  permanent record, in order for future presidents to be aware of preceding  communications. 

  16. Keep a file of all correspondence to pass on to the next president and make sure the Secretary has a copy of this. 

  17. Keep files of all interactions with each Board member to pass on to the next president.

  18. Be an authorized signer on ORTESOL’s accounts. 

  19. Help as necessary with the Fall Conference and Spring Institute. 

  20. Give a State of the Organization address at the Fall Conference and Welcome speech  to members at the Spring Institute. 

  21. Report to the ORTESOL Board about general ORTESOL activities at the annual joint  meeting in January. 

  22. Serve on the Finance Committee. As a member of this committee, consent to a background check.

  23. Serve as Vice President for the first year of a two-year term. 

  24. The outgoing President will deliver a report of procedures taken to address each duty,  as well as all documents associated with the position.


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