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Oregon Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Guidelines for the ORTESOL Conference and Workshop Co-Coordinator (2 positions available)

Overall Objective: Plan and run ORTESOL Conferences and workshops 

Election: 2 Co-coordinators will be elected by ORTESOL members for 2-year  staggered terms.  

Duties (See Board Committee Guidelines for additional details) & Time commitment: For each coordinator, approximately 80-100 hours of commitment per year for 2 years  excluding the quarterly board meeting time 

  • Lead and serve on the Conference and Workshop Committee 

  • Plan ORTESOL workshop(s) and conferences (See Board Committee Guidelines for  additional details) 

    • Schedule workshops and conferences 

    • Get suggestions for workshop presenters from conference evaluations. Create  a survey to solicit theme suggestions from Board & choose theme  

    • Work with Theme Team to narrow the choice for presenters to 3 and share with the board (Board chooses 1 definite presenter and 1 back-up presenter or 2  presenters.) Contact possible presenters, arrange speaking logistics &  payment 

    • Advertise workshop(s) & conferences (Coordinate with tech team). 

    • Arrange for food as needed (place order, coordinate payment) 

    • Arrange for information about logistics {when in person, arrange location for workshops & conferences, schedule/rental of rooms, coordinate set-up with Volunteer  Coordinators, parking, directions, etc) to members and presenters} 

    • Arrange for distribution and collection of evaluations 

    • Arrange (if necessary) for presenters’ housing, transportation, etc.

    • Arrange for someone to introduce plenary presenters 

    • Coordinate the payment for plenary speaker. 

    • Ensure that the treasurer receives funds from conferences and workshops to  deposit into the ORTESOL account. 

    • Negotiate among committee and board members tasks of subcommittees  according to strengths of members. 

    • Receive and coordinate all reports from each subcommittee. 

    • {when in person, 1 conference and workshop co-coordinator should be the main contact for the  publisher’s liaison and work closely with the publisher’s liaison to arrange  publishers’ tabling requests during the ORTESOL workshops and conferences.} 

  • Report to the ORTESOL Board about Conference and Workshop activities at board meetings. 

  • The outgoing Conference Co-Coordinator will make sure that a report of procedures taken to  address each duty, as well as all documents associated with the position is passed on to the remaining Conference Co-Coordinator and incoming Conference Co-Coordinator.


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